Thursday, March 30, 2017

Dream Come True

Way back in Jr. High when everyone was getting braces and I didn't need them (perfect bite, apparently), I was very, very disappointed. It looked so fun to run your tongue over those metal railroad tracks. Those big metallic, shiny smiles! What could be cooler?

Even better, after your teeth were straight, you'd get a retainer! How I wished that even if I couldn't have braces, that I could at least have a retainer. It looked so fun to click it on and off your teeth. You would never be bored with a retainer to play with! Kids could click-clack it around their mouths and get it back in place without even having to use their fingers. They were so talented!

I tried making my own retainer with straightened paper clips. Or sucked the large jolly rancher sticks until they could mold to the roof of my mouth. Even used little rubber bands to wrap around my front teeth which narrowed my gap but mostly to have SOMETHING cool! Because braces and retainers were so darn cool. And so were the kids who had them. Weren't they?

30 years later, my wish is being granted. The dentist (in fact all three that I saw in my quest for a better dentist) suggested I get a night guard. And on Thursday, along with my two new crowns (teeth, finally!), I got the night guard. I couldn't wait to give it a try the first night. And I discovered it's big and bulky, catches spit in the mold and is kind of hard to get used to. And I'm a little unsure if now I'm biting differently and wondering if it might ruin my perfect bite! We'll see.

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