Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Crawling Through The Crack

Last day in St. George and we had to do our favorite -- a trip to The Crack -- with Nick and Miles. We were happy to find out that Miles liked to be cautious on steep cliffs, same with Nicholas. And me. And Dan. The boys squeezed through The Crack and Dan and I waited at the top.

We also granted the boys their dearest wish... visiting two different pawn shops. 
Dan found a couple of vinyls -- Eagles and Simon & Garfunkel
We are going out of town again next weekend and we had some difficulty finding time to pick Kershaw up and drop him off again. So.... Kershaw stayed at the trainers for the rest of the week. We missed him, but have to admit, it was super nice to not have to hurry home while out and about! Is that bad??

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