Friday, March 03, 2017

Last Day at Hogwarts

Yep, we made early admission again. And got a robe for Christopher. And a Ravenclaw sweatshirt for me (I tried to resist, but knew I'd regret it!) Nick wore his robe all morning, then sent it to the front gate with the new stuff we bought. Good thing, because today we were doing the water rides.

After an hour at Hogsmeade, Nick and I had breakfast at The Three Broomsticks.

After breakfast, we headed out of Harry Potter world to Universal to get wet. Jurassic Park water ride was closed, but we had two more (couldn't remember the names or cartoons they represented if you paid me -- but basically one was Splash Mountain and the other was the kind where you get in the huge round raft/boats). They were a blast! And we got SOAKED! There was no way not to. You know how some rides you get lucky and don't get wet? It was impossible to not get drenched on these. So we went twice. Because we were already wet, so what did it matter? And then straight over to the round-raft one and anything that wasn't already drenched, got wetter.

And my canvas shorts weren't drying anytime soon, so we headed back to the hotel. Changed out of our wet clothes and into our bathing suits to hang out by the pool and have lunch. (And nap! I'd napped every day around 3:00 at our hotel, and then we'd head back to the park for the evening. Of course Nick came back to the hotel with me, but he would watch a movie and stay awake. Don't know how!) And in the warm sun, without electronic distractions, Nick finally slept for a bit, trying to get a tan.

For our evening finale we went back to the park to ride each of the coasters one more time and visit both Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley. Cast a spell, watch the dragon breathe fire, ride a ride, stock up on candy for everyone at home and have a last cup of butter beer. Great ending!

Catching the last train on the Hogwarts Express and enjoying our last butter beer.
Good bye and good night, Diagon Alley! (Dragon in the background!)

We ordered room service back at our hotel and it was our best meal yet.  (The other two nights we'd eaten at Hard Rock near the park. Fun atmosphere, decent food. But didn't love the music videos being played. Pretty racy -- especially for a 12-year-old!)

Ate while we watched a movie. And then tucked into bed because we had a 5:30 alarm to be to the airport by 6:30! Seriously! We forgot to schedule sleep time into this trip! But had a blast!

The fountain outside of the Hard Rock Hotel. Nick was more impressed with staying at the Hard Rock than I thought he would be. He's our little music-love and apparently, growing up!

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