Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Just the way you are

Marty arrived in Japan today. We were wondering if he might call from the airport--we've often been there on days missionaries are flying out and seen them on the phones. Marty didn't call--maybe you're actually not supposed to. Or maybe he figured there was nothing to report that he hasn't already said in a letter. (They're such short letters, but they're so typical Marty! I would love to have details about what happens every moment of every day and every feeling he's experienced, both good and bad. But that's simply not his personality. And that's ok! I love him just the way he is! (Mister Rogers taught us that. Happy Birthday (yesterday), Mr. Rogers!))

Chris had his 3 month Dr. appointment. He has no pain but does have a limp. 
That will ease up when his muscle gets stronger. The doc cleared him to ski and start to run, 
but advised him to stop when he gets tired. 
Chris asked if he could hike and jump off rocks in St. George and the Dr. said,
"Sure, it's good for you!" (I really like this guy.)
Here's his leg now:

In other good news, I finished my 2nd British Lit unit and studied for the test all day yesterday. 
Decided to take it at 11:00 last night, afraid by morning the information would all be gone.
I started the unit back in October, hoping to finish before Christmas. Thought I'd write my essay on the plane over Thanksgiving. That didn't happen and I didn't crack my book back open until February.
But I finished the essay back then, finished the last section and then had to remember what in the heck I'd studied 5 months ago. (Where has the time gone?)

Took my test and at least had answers for each of the short answers. 
They were decent. That's all I wanted.

And another one of Mr. Rogers and all our friends at the castle. 

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