Thursday, April 20, 2017


Spent the afternoon with Dad and attended a couple of physical therapy sessions with him. 
PT was a couple of short walks with rests in between. He commented he feels so good in the morning and is surprised at how such a short walk fatigues him.
Also stood on a foam pad and tried to keep balanced. Did ok but needs work.
He's walking holding on to his therapist, but not using any other devices.
Occupational Therapy was a game of Hi-Q using velcro blocks that he had to reach to either side to pick up and attach to the board and do the same as he removed them. A good way to practice reaching, using both hands and cognitive all in one.

In between sessions he slept soundly.
I'm reading "The God Who Weeps." 


Kristin Shaeffer said...

Mmmm. Oh Angela.
Your insight is poignant. Hospitals are interesting places with interesting timing and rules. I've been in my share and I don't understand it. I suppose we all learn patience whether we are the patient or with the patient.

Just the title of your book infers some parallels to what you are going through, or not? What is like reading THAT book at THIS time? Does it relate? I haven't read it.

Angela said...

Diane gave it to me -- one of her favorite books. It's very deep and intellectually written (I have to read some paragraphs twice) but on principles we've known all our life. I'm really enjoying it but haven't read far! I'll loan it to you when I'm done. I think it would be an excellent book to share parts with your seminary students. In fact we both need our own copies because I've wanted to highlight and mark it up!