Saturday, April 29, 2017

An Officer and a Gentleman

On Friday Nick left in the pouring rain to a scout campout in Goblin Valley where they planned to hike 8 miles through a slot canyon. He's gone on so many campouts since he got to go along with Dan while he was still 11, that he's become really good at knowing what he needs! He got himself packed up and made his tin foil dinner with just a small amount of help (mainly just folding the tinfoil right so his food didn't escape!)

They got back late the next afternoon. He had a great time and although it was cold, it didn't rain! Also got this note from one of his leaders:

Nick was a perfect gentleman on the camp out.  He's a great example to the other boys,  he's helpful, kind,  and very good natured. He'll be missed tremendously. He finished the hike in the lead group with what appeared to be endurance to spare.

He really is such a nice kid!

While Nick was at his campout, Chris was at an overnight for his friend's 16th birthday. That left Dan and I with a house to ourselves on Saturday morning! Well... that is us and a dog who still needed to be taken out at 7 a.m. We went on a walk and then took Kershaw to his last puppy training class. Which ended up taking 2 hours because all of our trainer's support team was out of town. After we came home and changed, we went to an afternoon wedding reception. It was a leisurely day all day.

After the reception, we got a text from Diane that my Dad was doing awesome up at the hospital. He was feeling so much better and getting around (to the bathroom and back) with very little support. An old seminary teacher friend had stopped by and they were laughing and chatting about old times which Dad loved. They are feeling very relieved and hopeful!

After we had a nice afternoon nap, we got dinner at the lobster roll truck in the neighborhood. Sooooo delicious! On the way home from a stop at the grocery store, we noticed a police car on the side of the road. Didn't think much of it until we went to pick up Nick from his friend's house. He was with a bunch of girls and boys all in a panic because they were toilet papering and someone called the police. To top it off one of the girls dropped her phone. This made me glad because I really hate toilet papering so I'm hoping the potential police incident has scared Nick straight. He wanted us to go back and help the girl find her phone but I said that I wasn't in the mood to talk to the cops tonight and they needed to "face the music." They got it all worked out without parental intervention. Did I mention most of these kids are youngest children?

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