Thursday, April 27, 2017

Happy 75th Dad!

Had a great walk with KT this morning. Hiked from her house up to Tanner Park and across the bridge to Wasatch. Considered turning around because I needed to pick up Michelle at airport, but then decided to walk more and forget showering! Hiked for over 2 hours -- it was a welcome respite from the chaos of the last few weeks.

Back at KT's I got an urgent message from Diane -- my dad was in so much pain they needed to go back to the hospital. I called Dan at work and we both rushed over to help get him down the stairs and into the car. He's been so weak, he can't move without people on either side for him to drape his arms over and support him. We got him in the car and Diane and Dad headed to hospital. I headed to the airport to get Michelle.

Did I mention it's his 75th Birthday?

Then we headed straight to Huntsman. When we got there the same wonderful staff was on duty. I honestly wanted to cry at the site of these ladies who had been so compassionate, knowledgable and caring a couple of weeks earlier! Their smiles and competent care were a welcome relief!

And on the flip side, Dad and Diane were super excited to see Michelle!

Dad felt okay when he wasn't moving, but any movement created terrible pain in his hip. They were going to take x-rays to make sure there wasn't a fracture. However, the x-rays showed no fracture -- just the cancer tumors causing pain.

I stayed at the hospital for a short while and then left Michelle there and went home to take the dog out and get Nick's carpool. Also dashed all around to get supplies dad would need to assist him at home. (Happy Birthday, Dad! Have some new diapers!) (Sorry, is that okay I'm posting on the blog? Just keepin' it real... Besides, I love diapers. When I had pneumonia, they were a lifesaver. I could cough and hack away. It was awesome!)

A bit later Diane and Michelle texted that we were absolutely planning on celebrating Dad's 75th birthday. Dessert at their home!

Everyone who was here came -- Sheree's family, Michael's family, Our family, Dad's and Michelle. I brought balloons and an ice cream cake and we had a fun evening sitting in their living room talking, laughing, eating and enjoying each other's company. Dad did great sitting on the couch visiting with everyone, surrounded by our family and enjoying everyone's company.

When everyone went home, Sheree, Michelle and I got Diane & Dad's room prepped in ways we thought would help Dad be comfortable and make life easier for him getting to/from the bathroom.

Diane and Dad were exhausted by the end of the evening, but it was a happy celebration.

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