Tuesday, April 11, 2017

100 Days Goals

After Conference last weekend I was inspired to set several goals. President Nelson talked about studying the life of Christ by reading The Living Christ and the Topical Guide references to Christs' life. Courtney had mentioned she was reading Jesus the Christ because of his challenge. Pres. Nelson said after studying the life of Christ his wife asked him what he'd learned. He said, "I'm a changed man." Interesting for a man who is 91 years old and dedicated the latter half of his life as an Apostle. So I wanted to take the challenge myself. I'm starting with reading The Living Christ and then will move to the Topical Guide as well.

I also was recently reading some research on Kegels (wouldn't it be great to jump on the tramp and not pee my pants?)... (Actually, wouldn't it be great to sneeze, cough, or go bowling with my family and not pee my pants?)... and (check out the alliteration in that first sentence!)... AND... if I do some particular Kegel exercises for 14 weeks, women have noticed a big difference in their leakage problems. (So sad that women leak... pee leaks, breast milk leaks... I'm not quite sure what we're supposed to learn from having parts that leak. Sorry, God. You know I love you. But leaking?? I'm confused why.)

I realized that 14 weeks sounds like a long time but it's actually only 100 days. And I've had my kids do 100 days challenges several times -- 100 days of practicing; 100 days of no sugar...

So I can do 100 days. And I made a 100 day chart and added a bunch of goals:

1) Exercise 5x/week
2) Eat 5 servings of fruits & veggies/day
3) No sugar
4) Kegel Exercises

5) Study Christ (Living Christ & Topical Guide)
6) Scriptures & Prayer
7) Temple 4x

8) British Lit: 1 unit/week
9) Write every day (journal, blog, creative writing)

10) FHE

Takes me to July 10.
Yay! I love goals. And lists. And not peeing.

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