Monday, April 17, 2017


Thursday arriving to hospital.
I spent Friday morning driving back and forth to the airport. Bekah and Matt came first, with enough time to sit and visit while Bekah nursed baby Jane. (Matt had called to say, "Bekah and Jane are flying in first thing in the morning." Me: Who's Jane? (Turns out that's their name of their new baby. Oops.)

Then they headed up to the hospital and I drove out to pick up Rachel. Of course they both offered to get an Uber, but selfishly I was wanted to pick them up to have a few minutes with each of them to myself!

Rachel and I drove straight to the hospital. NCC (Neurology Critical Care) only allowed 2 people in the room at a time and no children under 14. So we waited outside with Matt (and Jane) while Bekah and Diane were in with Dad.

I was anxious to see him and see how he'd improved after a good night's sleep. When it was finally my turn, he was definitely so much better. Of course very tired, but talking more in his regular voice and much more alert. The scar and drains coming from his head after surgery were pretty gnarly.

It was good to have both Rachel and Matt in town able to "talk-the-talk" with nurses and doctors, to give advice on who to talk to with concerns, and get their opinions on what to expect and next steps.

Everyone else stayed at the hospital, but I needed to leave to meet my family to get passports! Mom and Dad both have to be present, so it's kind of a big ordeal. Glad it's only once every 5 years.

Friday night we met up at Pizzeria Limone for dinner -- Sheree, Michael & Kate, Matt & Bekah, Matt's parents, and Dan & I. Rachel stayed at the hospital to give Diane a much-needed break. We love being all together! Afterward, Sheree came over so she could see Rachel when Rachel got back. And then the four of us (Rebekah, Rachel, Sheree and Me) stayed up until 1:30 a.m. talking. Because that's what we always do. (I'm thinking of my mom calling out when we were little, "Girls! No more talking! It's time for bed!)

In the middle of all of this is real life. Saturday Nick had lacrosse games and Chris and Luke had Prom. Rachel and Bekah stayed up at the hospital again so Diane could be home in time to help Luke get ready. The boys' morning activity was breakfast at Jo Jo's home. In the evening, they went to the capital for pictures, dinner at Rodizios, the dance and after and Escape Room. And after that hanging out at Cole's.

Saturday in Sheree's life, she was hosting a big Easter Egg Hung for Soren's birthday. So Nick went down to hunt and sleepover. (I think Miles slept over the night before at our house -- they love being together.) As we were thinking through the day's plans I said, "But Nick, if you sleepover at Miles', you'll miss Easter baskets on Sunday morning." He chose Miles. And of course Chris chose sleeping in. But both were very excited when at 10:00 p.m. Sunday night we said we'd hide Easter eggs and they could hunt for them. And Chris finally ended up finding a bunch of eggs with money. In past years he generally doesn't find very much! A much-needed Easter "win" for him!

That day Bekah, Rachel and Matt took turns at the hospital again. Saturday night we all met at Itto's for Sushi.

Sunday morning, I asked Matt if he'd make crepes. Kind of a tradition whenever they stay with us -- his crepes are so yummy! And then it dawned on me we had no kids here -- neither his nor ours. Nor Rachel's or anyone else's. So that was kind of weird of me to ask him to make breakfast for the adults, but he happily obliged and it was kind of fun to have an adult morning!
A different kind of Easter morning!
Dan and I went to the hospital in the morning and Matt and Bekah came after us. Not sure if the weekend staff is more lenient, but they allowed Dan and I to both go in the room (with Diane as well). So we took baby Jane from Matt and Bekah so they could both go in together.
On the mend...
It was super fun holding a baby in church. A bunch of people asked how I got a grand baby so quickly! (Extra early since Courtney's not even married!)

All of us went to Sheree's in the evening for Easter dinner. Rachel stayed up at the hospital again.

Everything can be so frustrating up there because it's really hard to get good answers. Neurology is only designed to help brain issues. Not cancer issues. And that's just the beginning.

Matt went home Sunday night and Bekah had to go home Monday morning. Rachel left Tuesday morning.

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