Sunday, April 09, 2017

Seattle With Shaeffers

We have been looking forward to our trip with Gram and Papa to see Courtney play lacrosse for a while. We had a wonderful time!
Nick passing time with his new VR box.
We got off to a rough start with our delayed flight -- Courtney, Gram and Papa had to wait for us at the Crab Pot until late when we arrived! But the crab was delish as always and it was so fun to all be together wearing our bibs and cracking through claws!

After dinner, Courtney came back with us to the hotel because Gram and Papa had a gift for her upcoming birthday and graduation. Papa had made her a beautiful bowl, inlaid with turquoise. It's one of his many talents and we have three that we treasure. Courtney was hoping to have one of ours, but I didn't want to part with any. We asked Papa if he'd be willing to make her one. The best part is he says during the hours of working on the bowl, he thinks of the person he's making it for. We are so grateful for the tenderness and love he shows for each of us and that he shares his wonderful talents with us too!

Saturday morning we visited Pike's Place and had breakfast at The Crumpet Shop, fresh raspberries and blueberries from the fruit stands and the best fresh Greek yogurt at another stand. A perfect Saturday morning! I've said it before... I SO wish we had Pike's Place in Utah!

After breakfast we visited The Chihuly Glass Museum right under the space needle. 
Nick and the space needle
The glass sculptures were colorful and stunning. It's been on my list of things to see for a while and it didn't disappoint. Room after room was filled with Chihuly's creations. He inspires creativity!

We drove up to campus and showed Gram and Papa Courtney's apartment and then drove around campus, stopping at the boathouse to see relics from "The Boys in the Boat" days which Marty, EC and I all read and loved. ("Look! Rowing machines!")

Courtney's books she reads for fun. Well, she says her classes are fun.
Love how her trunk has become decorated over 4 years!

We helped Courtney check-out the shade tents and lacrosse gear from the UW rec center since UW was hosting the tournament and she's team captain, so therefore in charge of getting the gear. Such a big job!

Courtney's game was rainy and freezing. And they lost. They had a tough fight and played hard. And Courtney was ticked and disappointed after and didn't want to talk about it. That kind of game. Dang!  But we loved watching her play.

We had an amazing dinner that night across the street from our hotel. Courtney was able to join us after the second game was played. After dinner we dropped Gram and Papa off at the hotel and went back to campus to pick up a couple of Courtney's friends and go out to ice cream. We loved meeting fun friends that Courtney talks so much about! We see why she likes them!

Sunday's game they had a pretty easy win for 3rd place in the Northwest Region. It was still pretty cold but not as rainy. Afterward they presented awards. It was so cool to be there and see Courtney voted Defensive MVP of the entire Northwest Region!! So amazing!

Her coach said, "Courtney is an outstanding player and team-leader in every aspect. She embodies focus, discipline and drive--pushing her teammates to always work harder. She is the go-to when it's time for defense to strategize or change the plan of attack..."

So glad we could be there to see her honored and receive the MVP!

Sunday -- Getting my letter written to Marty! It's COOOOLD!
Thanks Gram and Papa for traveling all the way to Seattle to spend a fabulous weekend together!
We love you!

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