Monday, April 24, 2017

25th Anniversary!

25 Years!
At one time in our life we said we should take a fun trip for our 25th. But really, our house is our gift this year. 
So we said no additional presents. 
For the last few years we've spent the night up at Deer Valley to celebrate -- a late-night dinner at The St. Regis (coincidentally our anniversary always falls on 
Concerto Night with Marty in the orchestra 
so we've headed up to DV after the concert),
 and then back early in the morning for lacrosse games. 
This year Chris offered to hold down the fort 
so we could go overnight, but with Kershaw 
having such bad nights, we wanted to stay home and 
make sure his schedule didn't get disrupted. 
We talked about going to dinner together, but then decided what we really wanted to do was take the boys with us. 
So we went to a nice dinner downtown and then up to the hospital to see my dad--Nick hadn't had 
a chance to see him yet.
And then we came home. It was perfect.

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