Saturday, July 23, 2011

Yale, Newport, Brown and Arriving in Boston

Another early start to get on the road. We started out for Yale thinking how easy it was to get across town on a Saturday morning. By the time we hit the freeway up to Connecticut, realized that everyone from the city was heading up to Connecticut with us. Took us 2 1/2 hours to drive 75 miles. Ugh.

We just drove around campus--beautiful buildings, not sure what we think of New Haven. It's not very nice, actually. Not sure if we missed the best part...

Then we drove up to Newport, Rhode Island. So quaint! So crowded!

We had a great lunch at The Parrot Cafe and then rode the bus to the famous Newport Mansions. Toured the Vanderbilt's "The Breakers" home. 150,000 square feet. It was so ornate and quite amazing.

  After we walked along "The Cliff Walk" along ocean past more beautiful mansions.

We left Newport and headed to Providence to see the campus of Brown University.  Downtown Providence seems brand new and clean. Very impressive. The campus was in a beautiful part of the city, just blocks from downtown. Also beautiful. All these back east colleges have so much character!

From Brown we had an hour drive to Boston. Great hotel in Cambridge. Watched Harry Potter, The Sorcerer's Stone on TV when we got here. Everyone is realizing how weird it is to watch TV without Tivo (you have to watch commercials)! I've told everyone that in "the olden days" when I watched TV, commercials were a good break to go to the bathroom, get a drink, get something to eat etc. 
A little intermission isn't such a bad thing.

Our friends, the O'Briens, are here on vacation too! 
We overlap a day and everyone is excited to see them tomorrow! Yea, Friends!

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Michelle said...

Armen went to Yale for med school, and Emily was accepted for PA school but opted instead for the good old UofU. From what they say about New Haven you didn't miss anything. The good part is the campus, the rest is an armpit (I think those might be Armen's exact words).