Friday, July 22, 2011

Statue of Liberty and The Yankees and It's SOOOO HOT!

Nick has been really excited about seeing the Statue of Liberty. 
We were able to get tickets to get in the pedestal but not the crown. 
(Making a trip? If you plan a few months ahead you can get timed tickets so you can avoid some lines. 
We started at 9:00 and were able to walk right through security and onto the boat.)
Funny security story--I kept setting off the detector. 
She had to use the wand and pat me down. The culprit? The underwire in my bra.

Record-breaking heat made any time outside miserable. Everyone was dripping.
Fortunately the interior of Ms. Liberty was air conditioned and no lines.
102* and with humidity, heat index was 114*!!!!!!

After the Statue of Liberty, we took a boat to Ellis Island. This was our first time to Ellis Island and we wanted to make sure Christopher got to see it since he'll be studying all about immigration in Mrs. Ross' class this year. Great displays and pictures really bring Ellis Island and immigration to life.
The best part was it was almost cold inside the building! We were so relieved to get inside!

After Ellis Island we went back up to Columbia to get Courtney a sweatshirt from the bookstore, then down to 83rd and Amsterdam (our old neighborhood) to an old favorite for lunch, "Good Enough to Eat."

We were so glad to get back to our hotel and cool off for a few hours before the Yankees game.
We sat around reading books, watching TV and blogging.

We took the subway to Yankees Stadium which was super slick and easy. On the way to the stop, Nick was STARVING. So easy to grab food on the go in New York!

In the second inning someone hit a Grand Slam and the Yankees got ahead 14-5.
After that it seemed the game dragged by. It was still broiling outside at 9:00 p.m.
After 3 hours we were still only in the 6th inning.
It was 10, so we called it a night and headed home.

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