Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Philadelphia -- Tuesday, Part 2

Dan dropped Courtney and me off at Penn and took the boys to check into the hotel and find some lunch. Courtney and I got Chinese at a street cart (love street carts!) and then headed to the info session. Beautiful auditorium, boring presentation. Unfortunately we had to skip the campus tour because we all had tickets to go through Independence Hall. Also a boring tour. We wished we'd just looked at the outside and skipped the tour. Now we know for anyone else who goes there.

Dan and the boys did see the Liberty Bell which Nicholas was very excited about because he'd learned all about it this year at school. We walked around the historical area and then ended up at The Constitution Center. We got there at 5:00 with only an hour left until it closed. That was perfect because then we got in for half price and we really only wanted to spend an hour anyway. The main exhibit was very hands-on and a great learning tool. Everyone enjoyed it. The final room had life-size bronze sculptures of all the founding fathers. Had fun with them too!

After the museum we took the Phlash Bus back to our hotel. This part of Philadelphia is really beautiful. We had a big Italian family style meal for dinner and then walked back to our hotel room. Only two blocks away out of the blue thunder crashed and it started pouring rain. We stood in a doorway for a few minutes and then ran home.

View from our hotel room -- City Hall
After we got Nick and Chris to bed, the rest of us stayed up reading, writing in journals, blogging and watching a marathon of The Office. Marty's first time watching and he was laughing the whole time which was just as entertaining as the show.

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