Monday, July 25, 2011

Boston, Day 2

Courtney LOVES MIT!
Monday morning Courtney and I headed to Harvard. The information session was boring and the tour was worse. What a disappointment! The tour guide talked in a soft whisper and blabbed about her friends and their lives and sadly they weren't interesting at all.

We met the fam for an outdoor brunch and then they dropped us off at MIT. Here Courtney was in heaven surrounded by all that math and those formulas! She didn't stop smiling and was giddy at the mention of doing problem sets with your dorm mates.
Math designs as decoration on the Aquatic Center's windows.
White boards in the dorm so you can figure out the equation for a circuit before bed.
The architecture was pretty cool. Buildings were numbered instead of named!
Also, "Hacks" were the pinnacle of smart kids using science and math to have ingenious fun. Hacks are pranks students pull each year.  There are rules -- they have to be safe and ethical etc. But to be the most inventive is the ultimate challenge.

Finally, the bookstore had everything you could want to be a cool, science nerd.
E/C2 = M  -1 is Imaginary = I  PV/nR (gas equation) = T

I didn't even get this but Courtney knew it was hilarious!

End of a great day!
We topped off the day with lobster and crab at Jasper White's Crab Shack. We ordered a lot and devoured it!

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