Thursday, July 21, 2011

Columbia and New York Day 2

This morning we did things a bit differently. 
Dan took Courtney to her info session and tour at Columbia and I slept in with the boys.
We had some errands to do--mainly transfer our luggage to another hotel and pick up our laundry. 
After we dropped off our luggage with the concierge, we headed up to FAO Schwartz.
#1 to-do was play the giant piano.
Everyone had fun playing but agreed the $250,000 price tag was a bit steep.

"What-nots" -- Essentially "build your own Muppet"! I must have one of these! Think I'll ask for it for my birthday! You can get online at FAO Schwartz' website and build your own there -- super cute!
Must Have My Own Muppet. We'll blame that on the hours of Sesame Street I watched as a kid.

Barbie fooz ball. No more words needed.

After shopping, buying toys, and stopping for treats at the candy counter we walked over to 
Patsy's--favorite chain standby--for pizza and salads.

Then the laundry. We were able to wrestle our 40 lb bag into the taxi fine, but when he dropped us off 2 blocks from our hotel because he got confused with construction, I was a bit bugged. But it had to be done so I hefted our black garbage bag full of clean clothes down Madison Ave. and in the front doors of The Palace.

Courtney and Dan met up with us at the hotel and we walked through Rockefeller Center to catch the double-decker bus. Always had loved this way of seeing New York. 
But didn't take into account what it felt like to be trapped on top of a bus
in the blazing sun at 98* and stuck in afternoon traffic. Nobody was having fun.

We made it to Chinatown and were glad to be free. Everyone had fun trying their negotiating skills buying sunglasses, watches, a purse, a piggy bank and a statue of liberty souvenir.

While in Chinatown, we ate the best Chinese dinner ever. Were concerned at first looking at menu items such as frog, eel, and chicken feet, but then our waiter brought an american favorites menu with walnut shrimp, cashew chicken, sesame chicken, broccoli and stir fried green beans.

After dinner we took the subway back home. Everyone was hot, sweaty and smelly.  Did that stop me and Courtney from going shopping? No, it did not. Afraid we'd not be able to shower and change before H&M and Zara closed, Courtney went as-is. I was even so self conscious when people shopped close to me, I would quickly move to a new rack. Truly, I smelled that bad.

The rest of that evening we all hung out in the hotel happy to relax, watch TV and cool off.

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