Monday, July 18, 2011

William & Mary, Monticello and Road Trip

  I agreed to go on a short run with Courtney first thing in the morning, which we discovered was a bit tricky on cobbled sidewalks! But the streets and homes in Williamsburg are beautiful!

We had a 10:00 info session and tour at William and Mary. Thomas Jefferson went to school here. The campus starts where Colonial Williamsburg ends. The old buildings were gorgeous as was the campus. Sounds like there's a lot of school spirit and they have tons of fun. They also take their honor code very seriously (no cheating, lying or stealing) and campus is super safe.
William & Mary College

While we were checking out the school, the boys enjoyed their first morning of sleeping in! We've been on the go non-stop with late nights and early mornings. So nice for everyone to get some extra rest.
Just after noon the boys picked up Courtney and me and we drove 2 hours to Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson. We toured his home and walked around the grounds and saw his grave. Everyone loved it.

Wait! I forgot to take a picture! (Monticello)

The kids with Thomas J.

After we take off from Monticello, we headed for a long 7 hour drive to Lancaster, Pennsylvania to stay at a farm and see Amish country. 

We travelled through several different states and through the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. Beautiful rolling hills and farms! We also made a quick drive-by of the Gettysburg Battlefield.

Also allowed everyone screen time after they'd read their books for a while. Kids are really fine-tuning their "Plants vs. Zombies" skills on their iPod during the long car ride. They're also great at putting on their excited voice when I say, "Look out the window at that beautiful farmhouse!" They say, "Wow! It's really neat!" I don't look back to see if they really looked up from their game or not. It just makes me feel good that I tried.

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