Thursday, July 28, 2011

Niagara Falls & Palmyra and the Sacred Grove

We got up close and personal with Niagara Falls this morning. So powerful! I'm so glad we made the extra trip to see it!
We left in the afternoon to Palmyra and stopped at The Hill Cumorah, The Smith Family Farm and The Sacred Grove. We were disappointed at first that we'd miss the Hill Cumorah Pageant, but actually without all the visitors, the Sacred Grove was very peaceful. We were able to sit and talk about it's importance on a bench in the grove. 

You can see the temple from the Smith Family Farm.

The Sacred Grove
After visiting the Church sites, we had a long drive to Newark, New Jersey where we were catching an early flight to Denver. Hard to believe the trip has come to an end.  
I never got tired of the green, rolling hills and charming farms! So different than the West!
Dan and I have loved every minute and Nicholas agreed with us that we should keep traveling!  The other kids are anxious to go home and see their friends. I remember feeling the same way on long family trips when I was a kid, so I won't take it personally.  

I'm so glad we did this trip. It was a non-stop feast of new adventures, but the best part of all was being alone together in our little family unit for 2 weeks! I love our family!

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