Sunday, November 06, 2016

The Purge

Last week we put our home up for sale. This meant we had to have it look like a home people would want to live in. Which meant we had a lot of decluttering to do!

We cleaned out cupboards and closets all day. Our recycling bin is FULL. Our trash can is FULL. Dan's car was FULL with stuff for DI. We have lots more closets that we should go through. But this was an excellent start. In fact, it was more than a start. We did an awesome job. It's just that every few minutes I think of another area I should go through. At this point it's time to get some boxes and box up some things we can live without for the next 6 months!

This is such a fun house, neighborhood and mostly, an incredible yard!! I hope, hope, hope a family will want to buy the house and the yard together! The yard is what makes it so special.

Years ago I remember seeing another house in the neighborhood with a double lot and thinking how amazing their yard was. When we had the unexpected opportunity to buy our neighbor's house next door, it felt like winning the lottery!

The market crashed two months after we bought it and several of the deals Dan had lined up that the commissions were going to be used to pay for the yard fell through.  For a few years Dan called our yard, "the damn lot." For many years as the we started coming out of the recession, top line item in our prayers was for the company to do well and us figure out a way to pay off the lot. And it happened. It didn't happen fast, but it happened.

But had the recession happened sooner, we never would have bought the lot. It would have been too risky. And we are so glad we've had this wonderful yard in our lives! I hope someone else gets to enjoy this beautiful space as we have! It's the most wonderful gathering spot and we have loved having the kids bring all their friends over!

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