Tuesday, November 01, 2016

My Fee For This is Going to Be High!

Tuesday is trash day.

Jenny, Carol and I have been going walking on Tuesdays in lieu of our scripture class that's no longer held on Tuesdays. We get to talk more, when we're walking (instead of sitting and listening), so that's a good trade-off!

When I got back, Dan was walking in the house from the back door with a very concerned look on his face. "Did I startle you?" I asked?

"No," he said. And tells me he was standing at the kitchen sink when a bird came flying full force straight at the window. Right in front of Dan it hit the window at full speed then crashed to the ground. He saw it flop twice right under the railing and then crash down over the balcony to the ground below!

He'd gone out to look at saw it gasp for a few breaths then die.

Yikes! I was properly sympathetic. And then reminded him it was trash day and if he ran out right then he could shovel it into today's trash because it hadn't been picked up yet.

He declined saying maybe the bird was just knocked out and was going to fly away. Then dashed off to work.

I didn't want a dead bird at the bottom of my steps. I also didn't want one sitting for a week at the bottom of my trash can. So I took a shovel out and went on an inspection. Not only was the bird very much dead, it was literally cracked open at the center. 

I had to shovel it up, which entailed me trying to get the shovel under it and it merely being pushed along. Finally it was pushed agains the pillar which I tried to use for leverage, but it was just getting squished under the pillar where it meets the ground. I had to talk OUT LOUD to myself throughout the entire VERY traumatizing experience and apologizing to the bird OUT LOUD the whole time.

Finally I saw the baseball base and was able to prop it against the bird and use it for leverage as I scooped the bird into the shovel. And then walked it all the way to the front yard and into the trash. I survived. (Very aware that the bird had a much more traumatizing experience than I did.)

Dan owes me BIG TIME!

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