Monday, November 07, 2016


I downloaded a Flashcard app today so I can start brushing up on my vocabulary for the GRE that I plan to take (in about two years -- so I've got a bit of time). I'm pretty good at playing detective and discerning meaning of words when I'm reading. But to be perfectly honest, most of these words I don't know. Or I don't really know.

For instance, what does "disinterested" mean? Well, to me it means you aren't interested. But, no. In fact the most commonly used definition for the GRE is you are neutral or unbiased. So you may care about a situation, but you don't have an opinion one way or the other. Very Interesting.

I also finished The Faerie Queene and took my unit quiz and got 10/10 on the readings (which also included history of Queen Elizabeth I, The Golden Speech, and Letters between Elizabeth and Sir Walter Ralegh).  Up next, Dr. Faustus.

Finally, I love Mondays. I love that its a new start. I love that I have 2 hours before my workout to eat breakfast, read my scriptures, start the laundry and say a morning prayer (that's not in my car driving somewhere). I love that I have time in the morning to make a list of what I want to accomplish this week and what needs to happen today. It's a day that's not rushed (except for when it is -- which is when I get a call that I have to do something for the house or at the house. Or when I schedule a dentist appt. or something like that).

Still on my list to do today (tonight) is clean 1 closet and clean out my purse.

Pretty fall pictures at the house today:

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