Thursday, November 17, 2016

First Snow

Yesterday afternoon the sky got foggy. (We'd been watching the prediction for snow for a week, wondering if it would really happen. It's been a long and beautiful fall this year.)

I was sitting in my office reading Elizabethean sonnets when Nick and Luke Affleck threw open the front door and shouted, "I think the snow's coming!! Come and look! The sky is foggy! Hurry! You have to come see!"

Having an 11-year-old is such a happy thing! There were no snowflakes falling, but their excitement at the anticipation was a beautiful reminder that it's so fun to get excited about possibilities!! No filter.  No bracing yourself in case it doesn't happen. No wondering what someone else might say if you show too much excitement. Just pure joy and wanting to share it with someone! I am glad they wanted to share with me!

I'm happy to report I ran down the stairs and was joyful about the fog and the chill and the possible snow right along with them. To be clear, this fall has been awesome and I'd be ok with no snow until... December? That sounds about right. But I LOVED getting to be a part of their excitement and it rubbed off on me. Because, let's be honest, there are times as a mom I didn't/couldn't go running to see what was so awesome. But this time I did. And I was so glad I did because it was the happiest moment all day being part of an 11-year-old's joy.

Snow is starting!
I seem to take this angle a lot. Every year.

Courtney's post this morning listed many of her memories of a "Christ-Centered Home." To me a Christ-Centered home is one where we are teaching that families can be together forever and trying to have a loving, nurturing, understanding and working together place to build each other up and become a family we want to be with forever. I think I'll do the same this month -- my November/Thanksgiving Gratitude list for being raised and having my own Home where happy memories abound.

* Mom and Dad were both kooky and loved to tease and laugh but also work hard.
* Having Grandma Regan and Aunt Marge as such a major part of our growing-up.
* Mom reading books to us and crying at the good parts.
* Epic hide and seek games with Dad trying to find us or hiding so well.
* Michelle, Michael, Sheree, Rebekah, Rachel. Our individual personalities that all together combined make the best family ever.

* The excitement of Dan taking the kids skiing.
* Bringing a new baby home from the hospital and all the kids being so excited to hold him and help.
* Reading to the kids each night in bed.
* Family trips -- Back East, Europe, Pagosa, Hawaii. Exploring new places together.
* Watching shows in my bed all together!

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