Saturday, June 25, 2011

Raging Waters and a Sleepover

Dan and Marty are at a baseball tournament in Colorado. 
Dying to do something fun with the other kids and wanting to do something on our summer list (Nick's got quite a bucket list this summer -- I have to admit I spurred him on a bit) we decided to go to Raging Waters in the evening.

Chris and Nick both brought friends and Courtney's friends couldn't come so we had each other. It was the perfect amount of time to do everything and there were no lines. Everyone had a great time! 

By the time we got home, everyone was exhausted. Nick put himself to sleep and Chris and his buddy didn't even complain when I said they needed to turn off the TV at 10:00.
They were asleep in seconds. 

Just as I was heading upstairs, barely able to keep my eyes open, Courtney came home and said, "Let's watch a movie!" So we jumped in my bed, brushed our teeth and said our prayers, then turned on a movie (Notting Hill -- I'm in a Hugh Grant/British accent phase) and after the movie she slept over in my bed in Dan's spot.  

I remember about 10 years ago I wondered if she'd ever sleep in her own bed. How fast time flies... And now I was excited for her to sleep with me again!  Nick even wandered in just as we were starting our movie. We made a bed for him on the couch.

I love my daughter!


Michelle said...

So sweet. Who's the boy in the photo with little Courtney? He's too blonde to be Marty.

Angela said...

That is Toby, Courtney's best friend our second year at Chicago! We took turns having the kids play at each other's houses. Betsy and I were both pregnant with #2. Can't believe it was so long ago!