Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Courtney and I went searching for Pioneer clothes for Trek. She found a perfect skirt and blouse at DI. "Ugh, I look like a pioneer." Actually, a really cute pioneer.

Then we went to White Elegance that sells pioneer clothes especially for Treks. I liked the bright orange skirt and apron. It had a lot of personality. But pair that full skirt, elastic waistband and bloomers underneath and it simply is not flattering. And the view from behind is even worse.

Oh, wow. I look like a pioneer. Courtney's comment: "Mom, you look like a pumpkin." Yes, I do.  I opted for the green skirt which was more subdued and somehow better.  That elastic waistband is comfortable, no one can deny that.

Also considering clothes styles today were Nicholas and his buddy, Luke. I got this photo texted from my friend who had the boys at the grocery store.  She said they said they were trying to be nerds.

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