Tuesday, June 07, 2011

2nd Summer Night, 2nd BBQ

Last night was Courtney's soccer team BBQ. Tonight was the Young Men's/Young Women's BBQ. That makes two nights of not having to make dinner. LOVE IT!

Considering having 1 night a week "potluck night." Everyone could come and play in the yard, we'd all have a break from making dinner and we'd enjoy everyone's company and visiting. Do you think people would come?

In our ward in California every summer Tuesday was Beach Day. We'd all spend the day at the beach. We'd bring a picnic lunch, the kids would play -- Marty even took "a beach nap" when he was little. So did Chris. Mom's would line up our chairs and visit, share snacks, help everyone's kids, enjoy the sun and laugh.

Thursday evenings in the summer both wards would meet up behind the church at the ball fields and park and have a potluck BBQ. Dan was gone most evenings -- in fact, most of the young husbands were -- so the kids would play, the women would visit and we'd all enjoy a night off. I looked forward to those nights. I miss those nights and those friends! Think I'll send everyone a Facebook shout out right now.

Summer nights are always wonderful, but made even better with friends. Christopher has a couple friends sleeping over tonight. Marty has one sleeping over and Courtney's are out playing volleyball--it's turning out to be a nightly ritual. And those rituals make for wonderful memories!


Cindy said...

I think that sounds like a great idea!!

Helen said...

fun! our ward does weekly beach trips too. love it.