Saturday, June 04, 2011

Summer Begins!

Whether the weather is ready or not, summer has begun!
For the first time ever I did not hang about the school getting last minute certificates to the principal, observing the awards assembly, handing out teacher and staff gifts, and waiting for class lists to post.
Instead I had my second trachea dilation.
Originally I chose not to have the second surgery my doctor recommended because what mom misses the last day of school and all the festivities? But then last week I rode my bike hard and heard a little wheeze. Couldn't get home fast enough to get on the phone and see if they could still fit me in the surgery schedule. They could and I did and now I'm in recovery mode.
Feeling pretty good. A bit tired and not much voice.

Courtney played with friends all week since not many teachers were taking roll. However, she did have a Mr. Felt final. Had to come in early last night to finish studying for SAT Subject Tests. She was bummed.

Marty had a party on Thursday afternoon, won his baseball championship in the evening and went to X-Men, the movie, at midnight. Friday was more friends, slip 'n slide and soapy trampoline with garbage bags and a late night party of about 200 at Rasch's.

Christopher got the teacher he hoped for, had a swim party after school with friends, watched the 4th grade baseball championship in the evening and finished the night with nightgames at a different friend's.

Nicholas was picked up from school by a friend at 10:30. They all switched to another friend at 3:00 and then to another friends at 4:00. We got him home about 6:00 and what did he say? "Can I play with a friend? I haven't had enough friend time today!" So he rode his bike to Lucy's to pick her up and they played until 9:00.

All the while I stayed in my bed sleeping, reading and occasionally walking downstairs to say hi to kids and watch them have fun out the window.
So glad school's out! We're ready for summer!

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