Thursday, June 09, 2011

Projects of the Day

My project was to speed out to the airport and pick up RACHEL! Yea! She's here for the weekend!  First item of business was to get our nails and toes done. Luckily my little sister is up on all the latest and greatest so we had our nails Shellac'd. Supposed to last with no chipping and cracking for two weeks...

Rachel's project was to finish her wedding invitations -- rounding corners, printing envelopes, cutting photos and paper down to size, stamping, etc.  My contribution was to format and print her envelopes and cut the vellum the wrong size. But only got a few cut before she caught and corrected me. Phew!

Nicholas has a new stuffed animal dog and really wanted to build a dog house. He was having a tough time getting the construction paper to stand up straight. I remembered I'd saved many cardboard inserts and gave him the stack. Before we knew it, he'd created this doghouse all by himself!

Courtney climbed to the top of Mt. Olympus today. Made it to the saddle and there was snow the rest of the way up! Way to go, Courtney!

Marty watched Psycho tonight with friends and wasn't even scared. Yea, we'll see if he takes a shower any time soon.

Christopher cleaned Chub's hamster cage all by himself.

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