Saturday, December 24, 2016

'Twas the Night Before Christmas...and The Night Before That

Never too many ski days! (Courtney, Nick, Luke A. & Dan) -- Morning of Dec. 23rd
Imagine my excitement when I asked my kids if they'd want to go to the symphony over Christmas Vacation -- the Harry Potter symphony -- and they were all in to it and immediately said yes! 

Imagine my disappointment when I discovered the tickets had long sold out. But we started searching KSL Classifieds and it was kind of fun to track down tickets! We were able to get 6 eventually -- three sets of two in three different spots in the theater. But that was ok! We went on the 23rd and had dinner at Texas de Brazil before. (A tradition we'd made with Marty and Thomas when they were in orchestra and needed to attend symphony performances.) 

Nothing not to like about all-you-can-eat meat with a family of mostly boys. 

Shaeffer Family Symphony Selfie
Two more days!

Courtney having fun with our new Christmas Gift!

For Christmas Eve, we remembered to make our reservations at Asian Star early this year so we actually got a normal dinner time and before it was super crowded! 

After dinner we all watched Christmas Vacation. Oh so funny! Haven't watched it in a long time! Nick was laughing so hard it was making the rest of us just crack up hearing him laugh so much. No one besides me and Courtney was game to watch The Muppet Christmas Carol, but we started it anyway and everyone loved that too. (Hard to know if Marge did, she fell fast asleep in her chair!)

And then everyone went to bed. Dan and I had a little more work to do, but not much. And Courtney was working on a project from the kids to Marge. We are still so stunned when we get to bed before midnight on Christmas Eve! It was about 20 years that we were up til at least 2:00 a.m. the night before!!

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