Thursday, December 29, 2016

Surgery, Karaoke Party, and Mom's 70th Bday Celebration

Chris got to be first for surgery. So glad to get it started! He might have starved to death if he had to wait any longer (at least he thought he would). Dan called me at 7:30 and then ran home to shower. We zipped back to the hospital to be there by 8:45 because they thought they'd be done by then.

Snapchatting all the way to the surgery room.
Inserting the titanium rod is apparently not a difficult surgery. The femur break is very serious, but the repair is not hard (for the surgeons, that is). And he won't even have a cast. Not even a brace! Unbelieveable! And his leg is weight bearing! He will be on crutches for 4-6 weeks, most likely, but when he's up to it, he can start walking on it.

NOTE from the future: 10 days later he is just starting to put his foot down as he walks. It's hurt so much until now that he's afraid to use it. And when he does, it still hurts pretty darn bad. So even though he could put weight on it, he can't because it hurts too much.

We checked in with the waiting room desk and found that they hadn't called us yet. 45 minutes later, the surgeon called my cell and said he actually did look for us but we weren't there (or hidden behind a tree). He was already of to another surgery at another hospital, so the resident came and found us. He said surgery went great. Yay! Chris will stay in the hospital another day or two. Physical therapy will meet with him to help him know what he needs to do for future recovery.

An hour later, we still hadn't been called to say Chris was headed to his room. I went and checked with the desk and sure enough, he was already in his room. (There are some serious communication issues at this hospital. Glad the surgeons are excellent, though.)

We were sad that we weren't in his room to be with him when he got back from surgery, but he was fast asleep when we got there, so hoped he wouldn't remember. (He did.) When he woke up he was GRUMPY! Rightly so, after surgery and so much pain, I guess. The worst was trying to pee in this funky bedpan-urinal thing which was super awkward -- especially with your mom in the room and a different hospital staff person coming in every second.  I went to guard the door for a while but he was just getting incredibly frustrated.

When he fell asleep, I ran home to work on getting ready for my family party which we were still having and had postponed from the night before.

I ran back to the hospital a bit later when Dan had to leave for a business meeting. While I was there, a large group of his friends came to visit. They made him so happy while they were there and distracted him from the pain and discomfort. When I came in the room they all went quiet and I said, "I think I'm killing the friend mojo." Chris wasn't shy to say, "Yes, you are." So I waited down the hall in the family room. Soon after they left, another group came by. And then while they were there Courtney brought up Nick, Ethan, Isaac, Morgan, Sam and Max. So great to have friends and family love you!!

Then he came back and switched me when he was done. Still GRUMPY. Dan was taking over while I was at the party and I thought I might go up before Chris went to sleep. But as it turned out, he fell asleep at 6:00 and was out the rest of the night.

Meanwhile, the Adair Family Party was a blast. I wasn't entirely in a party mood -- especially not a Karaoke mood. But we had my mom's video that I was super excited about (a recap of photos from her life that we'd put together for her early birthday present).  And by the time everyone arrived, I was feeling really happy and good and it didn't take long for everyone to get in the mood for karaoke!

We had a delicious dinner and then after surprised my mom with her video. She loved it, of course. We also gave her a book of the photos. And then Karaoke was a blast. Missed Rebekah and Matt! Not sure why I don't have more photos of Karaoke night, but my sisters and Katie all sang a tribute to George Michael, "Wake me up, before you go-go!" And later we sang, "Nobody" (How I love that song from our childhood!) And finally we sang "Unchained Melody" with my mom.

My mom saying, "I live a very blessed life. And I'm being watched over. I know that."
What a blast! We even got the Herrera's kids to sing. (My dad's friends who have escaped to the US from Venezuela.) I love that everyone participates!

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