Sunday, December 04, 2016

Christmas Season Legos

What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon in December than building a Lego Christmas set!
Nick worked hard for hours. My favorite was when he said, "Mom, should we turn on some Christmas music? I think it will help me build better!" (My kids never ask for Christmas music because they get a little sick of how much I listen during the Christmas season. So this made my day!) He didn't even complain when I sang along to Amy Grant and we listened to all three of her Christmas albums!

I also got Aunt Marge, "Christmas Stories by Chicken Soup for the Soul." I knew she'd love it and it would be fun for her to read over the Christmas season. She sat over at the table sniffling and eyes watering while reading the sweet Christmas stories! 

In the evening we delivered more neighbor gifts -- Amaryllis. I love watching them grow because they grow so fast! One year Nick and I marked each day and it would grow about an inch a day!

We also fasted for Rachel that day because she is pregnant (It's a girl!) but had some bleeding last week and possibly has placenta previa. She has great doctors and feels like she's in great hands. We are so grateful! I'm always amazed at how much easier it is to fast when you have a purpose -- especially someone you love to focus your thoughts and prayers on. It's pretty neat that Chris and Nick gladly participated too. They love their Aunt Rach. They love ALL their aunts! (Other exciting news is Rebekah is also having a girl -- in just a few weeks! How fun for these cousins to grow up together!)

Friday night we went to Jim Gaffigan and laughed our heads off. Half of the fun was looking over at Nick and Chris and seeing them laughing hysterically. Oh wow. We listened to Jim Gaffigan on the way to Pagosa last summer and it made the 8 hour drive fly by! Look him up and listen to any of his sketches. You're welcome. Specifically try one about home birth. Or 4 kids. Hilarious.

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