Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas and Cousins

So fun to have cousins here!  Yesterday Miles spent the night so all three cousins could be together.  Ethan went skiing with his family on Monday, but Jacob came over and played Anki overdrive with Miles & Nick. Jacob got it too so they hooked the two sets together and had 4 cars. So much fun! We have gotten a bunch of snow as well so they all went out to sled and build forts.

Anki Overdrive fun!

Dan took the older kids to Alta to ski in the morning. Chris, Marty and Courtney were in competition to determine who the best skier is. And who is better than Dad. This is something Dan has dreamed of -- being able to ski with his kids and having them all keep up with each other and go wherever they want -- chutes, moguls, black diamonds -- whatever any of them want. It was a gorgeous day in the mountains and they had a blast.

Chris on a bluebird day!

My morning walk down to the new house.

New house in the snow. Can't believe this will be where we celebrate Christmas next year!
In the afternoon, we went down to Jo Ellen's for the 1st annual Boxing Day party. Kelly's family are fun to be with and Gram and Papa were there too, along with Ryan and Kory. We love every second we get to spend with those two (and everyone else!)! They're so much fun to be with and always make us laugh!

Dan and his parents
We were home by early evening when the Paul's got home from skiing and Rachel, Jeremy and Dylan arrived from California!

Rachel, Michelle and I were up until 2:30 talking and laughing. We didn't mean for it to get so late! Michelle looked at her watch and in alarm said, "It's 2:38!" We all popped up and headed straight to our rooms!

Today while everyone was skiing, Courtney and I went to lunch at Root's cafe. She told me all about the Iceland trip she and Taylor are planning. Sounds so fun! Glad they're getting their trip figured out so they actually do it! Proud of these girls graduating from college and going on adventures!

There's an antique shop next door so we shopped around just for fun and now that we have a record player, I looked for some classic vinyl. Found a Boston and Journey record. Also found our favorite records to sing and dance to while we were kids. Not Boston and Journey because we weren't cool kids. We were the nerds who spent all day listening to Saturday's Warrior and My Turn On Earth. Memorizing the words, making up choreography, acting out the parts, creating new parts. Nonstop nerd entertainment.

For dinner we all went to Sushi and met the Wingers there as well. Kids on their own table, adults on our own table. I love this season with no homework, school activities or extra curriculars, lots of family in town, cousins who love to be together and time with my sisters and brothers-in-law. That's my dream-come-true.

Nick, Marty and Miles looking at some video game.
And check out the little blondie also checking out with the big kids!
Dylan hanging with Marty and the big kids!
The guys were talking about a movie, but there was no way I could stay awake till late. Sooo tired! So I came home. Soon Dan, Nick and Marty were home because their show was sold out. Michelle and Morgan too.

And in Entertainment news, Princess Leia died today. RIP Carrie Fisher. When she, Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford made an appearance in last year's Star Wars movie, it was like the return of old friends.  Mentors from a 70's childhood. I seriously got teary.

Marty's college glasses we found at a flea market in Brooklyn last summer.
Dimitrios took this picture down at Sheree's house. Think I could have a painting made? So BeUTAHful!

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