Thursday, December 01, 2016

December 1st Tradition

Apparently no one in my family knows this, but December 1st I always make Potato Corn Chowder and we eat in the dining room with the nice white dishes. We have salad with pomegranate and pears. We listen to Christmas music. We drink Martinelli's.

In past years we've had a candlelight dinner. But last year after getting pneumonia the day after lighting candles -- even though I know it's not related. Probably. -- I skipped that part.

This year Christopher suggested we all go around the table and say something we can do of service for someone else this Christmas season. 

We've had this tradition for many years. I have a December Planning calendar from 2012 and it's on that. So at least 4 years, but I think more. Because I created the December Planning calendar idea many years prior when life was chaotic and I wanted to be able to enjoy December. So I think that was more like 8 years ago.

But even though they didn't remember it's what we do on December 1st, I still loved kicking off the holiday season making dinner a little more special.

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