Saturday, December 10, 2016

A Night Out

I've been looking forward to this Christmas party for a while now! Not necessarily eating dinner with strangers at the YPO Christmas Party. But dressing up and spending an evening with this guy and then a night away at the Montage. Who knew I would ever love dressing up?! But I do sometimes!

And to be clear, I don't mind sitting at a table getting to know new people. I'm pretty good at that and generally it's fun and interesting and sometimes entertaining. But how I dread cocktail hour. Something about breaking into small groups or standing by yourself or not knowing how to excuse yourself with nowhere better to go! Oh I hate it! But this year I checked in with a friend ahead of time to make sure she was going and then we went VERY late to the cocktail portion. So much better.

We took this selfie seven times because there's something wrong with my smile!  So weird!

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