Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Feels so good to be home! 
We were welcomed by sweet notes 

and reminders of our friends who stayed at our home while we were gone...

What a lovely way to be welcomed!
(Plus they picked up all the apricots that had fallen to the ground!!)
I will miss you Matesen family!! 
Please start your blog again, Julie! (hint, hint!!)

Chris had two days home and then it was time for scout camp!

Nick was so excited to light fireworks!

Marty got busy earning extra money demo'ing garage cabinets 
 in preparation for new cabinets and flooring.

Courtney made this video:

Dan went to New York for business.

I have done a little of this, a little of that,
and some laundry,
some planting,
some organizing,
and some packing for the next adventure!


Michelle said...

Love Courtney's video! Such fun to see the whole trip in 10 min :-).

Julie said...

Oh, I love the video. I have watched it twice! We miss you and we miss your lovely home! Thanks again for the wonderful place to stay. MUCH love!!