Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Salt Mines and Fräulein Maria's Bicycle Tour

Salt mines!!! We have been waiting to tour the salt mines all year! The Christensens went last year so Nick heard how great it is on numerous occasions in carpool.

No pictures were allowed inside, but here's the teaser: taking a train deep inside the mine, riding two long slides down and down again, and a boat ride across an underground lake! It was awesome!

The finishing touch was a souvenir of salt crystals mined from that very mine! (Nick has been so excited about all the souvenir options wherever we go. And he's the youngest child and so stinking cute, he's hard to resist! So far he's accumulated a flip book about Rome that shows before and after in the ruins; a light-up spinny flying thingy that has been sold in every town we've been in by street vendors at night; a balloon filled with flour that makes funny molded faces; a laser pointer--also sold in every city by night street vendors (but neither Chris nor Marty could resist these either); and the salt crystals. (He really wanted glass candy in Venice too, but I ignored him.)

After the salt mines adventure we went to Salzburg. It's about 30 min. from Berchtesgaden. We had just enough time to see Mozarts birthplace and childhood home and then went on... Fräulein Maria's Sound or Music Bicycle Tour! So fun!

They even had little cards on the front of our bike baskets to show us what scenes were filmed in that location. Loved it! Biking around Salzburg was also a great way to be out seeing the city.


We ended the night at dinner and tried goulash soup which was like beef stew in a tomato base and was delicious.

Best comment of the day was Nick: " I saw a deer today. Only it was pretty small. About the size of a squirrel." We are under the impression that he actually saw a jackrabbit--the long ears are very deer-like.

We also learned that Nick has never heard of Hansel and Gretel and only somewhat recalls the story of Little Red Riding Hood. I've got my reading aloud work cut out for me.


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Katy Ryser said...

You look like native Germans - not wearing helmets (except Nicholas). Enjoy!