Monday, July 01, 2013

On Our Way -- Shaeffer European Vacation!

We are sitting at check in waiting... I'm with Nick by the bathrooms. He's not feeling so great and is bummed to be sick as we head off on our big trip. Say a little prayer for him. With him we never know if its the flu or heartburn. Both result in barfing so we are carrying around a plastic bag and we are all on high alert.


Dan is with the rest of the kids talking to the ticketing agent because when he printed out our boarding passes last night he realized the boys' names were spelled wrong.

Just these two minor glitches but everything else has gone smoothly! Plenty of time yesterday to finish packing, sit down to a nice family dinner, relax and talk about the trip and get the house ready and life organized while we are gone for 3 weeks.

This morning Dan and I were so excited we couldn't sleep. We had time to lift weights -- something we may not get to do for a while so I was happy I was able to squeeze it in.

As we left, the trumpet vine had just a few blooms. The Holladay City Village was just starting construction on the second level. The apricots were large but green. The mountains were still green.

Its always fun to come home and see what has changed while we were gone.

The itinerary is: Rome, Florence, Venice, Salzburg, Munich, Grindelwald, Paris.

We will be arriving in Rome at 9:30 am Rome time--1:30 am Utah time. Our plan is to just hit it the first day. We can't check into our hotel that early anyway so we are just dropping off our bags and a guide is meeting us at the hotel and we are heading straight to the Colosseum, Forum, etc.

We have down time planned in the afternoon each day and have told the kids everyone will be taking a nap and no screens. They think naps sound like torture. I think they will be happy about it after a full morning tomorrow!! We shall see.

Time to go!


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