Thursday, July 11, 2013

Munchen, Merry-go-rounds, and Marathons

Fog rolled in today so we cancelled our plans to go up to The Eagle's Nest and went to breakfast instead. We are finding that many places have menus in English so after trying our best with the German menus we can give up and switch to English. But this little spot had a huge menu but no words that looked remotely familiar.

Fortunately the waitress spoke a little English and the people next to us ordered schnitzel with eggs and potatoes. So we asked for what they were having minus the schnitzel. And pankutchen off the kinder menu for the little boys.

And after our delicious breakfast sitting on an outside patio in the mountains surrounded by garden boxes of red geraniums, we ordered dessert. Because when the people next to us ordered a whip cream filled cream puff, it looked too good to pass up. And was easy to order--"we'll have what they're having."

We drove into Munich this afternoon. Gave me a chance to update my iPod playlist which was in desperate need of updating. Have I mentioned that nick loves to ride in the front seat with me and Dan? Three seat belts in the front row!

We walked through the botanical garden and over to Marianplatz to watch the Glockenspiel. It only goes twice a day -- 11 am and 5 pm.

Then went to the Viktualienmarkt for dinner. My family wimped out and wouldn't eat in the biergarten with me so while they had soup and paninis in a quiet spot, I ate brats and potatoes in the biergarten.

On our walk home the kids played at the park. So fun to have see saws and merry-go-rounds! Also another jackrabbit ran through the park. Hmmmm...

Tonight we are having a Psych marathon.

Every day someone asks, "What day is today?" And we all have to think really hard about it. Vacation.


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