Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Day 2 -- Borghese and Vespas

This morning started at 9:00. Everyone had gotten to sleep about 11:30 pm and while at first while everyone wanted to sleep some more, they woke up and felt good once they got up. Nicholas was a little subdued at breakfast. His body is having the hardest adjustment.

After a quick continental breakfast on the rooftop terrace, we literally ran down 5 flights of stairs (nothing to perk up an 8 year old like "beat the elevator down!!")

We had an 11:00 reservation at the Borghese Gallery. We knew we had to walk through the Piazza Navonna and up to the Borghese Gardens to get there. Just didn't realize how big and how far on the opposite side of the park the Villa/Gallery actually was! Courtney summed it up with "I got plenty of sleep, but my body just isnt used to hiking at 2:00 in the morning!"

Everyone has been such good sports though. So proud of my kids and love traveling with my family!!

We finally found it and were only a little bit late and they still let us in. All was well. Bags have to be checked, reservations made in advance.

The Borghese would be beautiful even without being filled with sculpture--more mosaic, fresco ceilings, and walls lined with marble in every color. The Bernini sculptures topped it off. We loved learning about the boy genius and seeing his sculptures.

Rented a surrey afterwards and rode through the park. At lunchtime we sat on a park bench and ate baguette sandwiches and paprika-flavored Pringles and took turns riding a Segway.

Next we walked over to The Forum to see it up close then home for our afternoon naps.


This evening we had a Vespa tour around the city. We each rode with a driver and all loved zipping around Roman style! It was a great way to see the city and especially beautiful at night!


We ate an 11:00 pasta dinner at an outdoor table at a tiny restaurant down a small alley. Classic!

After walking around the corner to our hotel we finished the night all of us laying on mine and Dan's bed watching Pitch Perfect. Just about sums it up!


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