Friday, September 16, 2016

Growing Up!

One of our top priorities while Courtney was home for break was to see Lexie and her new little girl! 
Lexie is the most natural mom! I always said having her live next door was like having an au pair.
She loves kids and loves taking care of them. And they love her.

Courtney hadn't seen Lexie since we all went out to dinner and a movie two summers ago. 
At that time Lexie had just met Critter, her now husband, and was REALLY hoping
he asked her out on another date.

They got married while Courtney was in Bristol last year and 9 months later their baby was born!
A lot had happened since Courtney saw Lexie, who was a like a sister in so many ways and like another daughter to me! 

Bonus was we got to see beautiful Quincie who also lives in Logan.
And to top it off, they can literally see Ron & Barb's house from their apartment.

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