Thursday, September 15, 2016

Nick's Motorcycle

Nicholas' friend got a small Razor motorcycle for his birthday in May. 
Nick thought it was so cool, he decided to save his money for one too. He already had some money saved, but when we looked at the different options, we decided he should save up for the bigger one so that he wouldn't outgrow it too soon. So he made a plan and began to save.
He worked at the new house cleaning construction trash and mowing lawns through June and July and finally had enough. 

We were both so disappointed to find that the price of the one he wanted had gone up $100!!
We searched and searched the internet and finally found one for only $50 more, 
but would take 2 months for shipping.

At this point, I was wondering how he would learn to save up his money if the lesson turned out to be the price will go up or it will go out of stock!

We split the $50 difference and he waited. And waited.

Finally in mid-September, we got a notice it had been shipped!

It didn't come until late. Nick wanted to start putting it together but I thought he should wait until the weekend when Dan was home.
He didn't press me and I didn't think anything more about it until 30 min. later when he 
came to me and asked for my help in the garage. 

When I got out there, he had already put most of it together!
It's SUPER heavy, but he figured it out!

He said he put the handlebars on wrong so had to turn them around and after that decided to read the instructions more carefully. He did all this before I got there.

All he needed me to do was help him turn it upside down to get the wheels on and hold the nuts in place. He read the instructions and did everything else!

I am so impressed with my kid who is so persistent, doesn't get discouraged and reads instructions and is confident he can figure it out!

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