Monday, September 26, 2016

For the First Time Ever!

I finally got to see the circus! There were some pretty cool stunts and shows. 
The backstory of an evil witch that steals the circus characters was super cheesy. 
(I've heard they don't always have a separate storyline -- perhaps this is to replace the elephants?)

Needless to say, I had a fun time and was so glad Nick and Chris were willing to come with me!
Dan and the older kids had a better offer -- The Mumford and Sons concert. 
They thought we were ridiculous to choose the circus over the concert -- especially Courtney.
But I've never seen the circus!

Yes, the kids were a little old. Chris commented that he probably won't go again until he can take his 3-year-old child. But I was glad I didn't have to wait until then.

And seriously, the lions and tigers were so cool. And scary! And their trainer was so brave! 
Or perhaps a little too trusting.

Also loved the trapeze artists and the motorcycle guys in the small sphere!

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