Sunday, September 18, 2016

Go Cougars! BYU/UCLA

We took Nicholas and three friends to the opening BYU Football game for the season.
We have been so excited about their new coach, Kalani Sitake and excited to see 
BYU Football become great again.

Our Shaeffer Family has continued the Adair Family tradition of eating at Brick Oven before the games. The boys are all huge BYU fans and we were all pumped heading down to the game.

Sadly, Nick had been sick with a cold for a few days and by the time the game started at 8:15 p.m, he was starting to feel tired and uncomfortable.  He powered through with a good attitude, but to make matters worse, it was the most boring game in football history. No great plays. Just the ball going back and forth. UCLA was winning the whole game and by the time BYU got any points, it was really anticlimactic.

Well, we tried. Headed home at 1:00 a.m. and taught these cute boys in Primary the next day.
Actually Ryan is in a different ward and Nick stayed home to sleep and hopefully get better.

Ryan Moffat, Nick, Burke Chipman and Porter Maughan

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