Monday, November 02, 2015

The Light is The Love of God

Last week I knelt by my bed to say my morning prayers after the kids had gone to school and the house was quiet. From my bedroom window I can see over the houses and trees behind us. I can see across the Salt Lake Valley over to the Oquirrh Mountains. 

The sun had just hit the peaks and they were lit up in the most spectacular way. I was struck with the beauty of the light on those mountains and couldn't help but stare at them while I prayed and give thanks for the light and it's beauty. And thanks for the particular beauty of fall, the leaves changing color -- yellows and reds -- the clear air, blue sky. 

It was testifying of God. I could feel his love as I looked at the light. The way the light was spotted on those mountains, it seemed to be God saying, "I love you." It permeated my soul.

One hour later I went to scripture class and Nancy was discussing Micah. Chapter 6 is "God's lament" through Micah. "O my people, what have I done unto thee?" He gives us everything and often we are blind to God's love.

Then Nancy said she used to lie in her living room in the morning because the light would pour through the windows and she had heard quoted, "The light is the love of God."

Just exactly what I had been feeling that morning. Look up. He is there.

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