Thursday, November 05, 2015

Next Up...

Goodbye, Pumpkins.

Our Halloween candy was a hit this year (as always) (can I say that?!).  I sorta take pride in good Halloween candy. It's gotta be something cool that they're not going to already get a million of). 

My sisters grabbed this photo and sent it around saying Courtney looked just like me! Phew! I love my family that can see a little of me in my daughter -- because everyone else thinks she's a mini-Dan. Which she is. But she's got some of her mom, too!

For family night we went rock climbing. Marty and Chris are so good! They know how to belay so we put our hands in their lives. They literally saved me a couple of times when I fell. I love these strong, confident boys.
Chris giving a thumb's up!

Marty at the top!

Marty coming back down. Lots of trust in the belay guy (Christopher).

Nick worked and worked getting to the top of a wall and didn't give up. I tried it next and IT WAS HARD! Marty climbed up next to me and told me how to get from one hard part to the next that seemed impossible. With the help of Chris supporting me on the rope, I got it. Afterwards, Chris just zipped up it.

Nick almost there!

Nick made it to the top and Dan's right beside him. 

Me at the top!!
Messiah Sing-A-Long
One of my favorite holiday traditions is the Messiah Sing-a-Long with the Utah Symphony. It's the Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving. I love getting the chance to sing but the music is way beyond my abilities. It's fun just to try and usually you can cheat off of someone standing near you.

In high school we learned the Hallelujah chorus so I know most of that. Though I think I learned the Tenor part, not the Alto.

I've always thought if I could only find a recording that had just the Alto, I could listen to it over and over and learn. (My Suzuki training at work!) But I've never been able to find one. I even talked to my friend who is an opera singer and he wasn't aware of one.

And yet, I keep looking. Guess what?! I found one!!!
Recorded by Matthew Curtis -- he has each part recorded as: predominant, muted, piano only, and balanced. I got Hallelujah Chorus and For Unto Us a Child is Born off iTunes and All We Like Sheep, Amen, Glory to God and And the Glory of the Lord from his website downloads.
I'm so happy! It's just what I wanted!

Sadly we won't be in town for it this year. But that means I've got an extra year to practice. It's the one "Christmas Music" I don't mind listening before Thanksgiving because the Sing-In is right after. So it's just preparation.

In Gross News
The new house is being taken apart as people take sinks, toilets, doors, counters, appliances and cabinets. It really smells over there. It will be great to tear that place down. Encountered this when we went over there this week:

Somebody had taken the cabinets that were built there and the dead mice were left behind. How did these little guys get trapped? Not sure...
   "I'm stuck! Help me!"
   "I'm trying. I'm sorry, I can't get you out."
   "Don't leave me!"
   "I'll never leave you..."

The Outside Is Better
Can you see who is watching us from the forest?

I'll call this weekly clip/photo:
"Hiking With KT"

Spiritual Segment
Our bishop challenged our ward to read the Book of Mormon between now and February (when we have ward conference). His challenge reminded me there's something I've been wanting to do for a few years, but never have, so this has given me the motivation to do it now. I've wanted to read the Book of Mormon in just a few days. Like sit down and read for as long as I could each day.

Dan and I went to the temple on Tuesday (got the last name done, EC! Now we'll do the sealings for that family.)

I decided to read all day Wednesday and Thursday. Well, that didn't happen exactly. I had some things pop up. But I did get several hours of reading in. I started Monday and I'm halfway through 2nd Nephi. I'll try to finish by (before?) next week. I've been really good about notating this past year in my reading, so it's actually made reading easier because I've got so much good info to help me understand as I go along. It also makes me have more questions, so I've got the Student Study Guide pulled up on my phone so I can refer to it as I go along.

Beginning Nov. 14 and finishing in Feb. 14

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