Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Colonial Day

The Colonial Day Costume
"Riding Pants" from Savers, my boots, a ruffly shirt from Target and later a vest found at Savers.
Chris & Nick's colonial hat is authentically from Colonial Williamsburg.

Four kids, four colonial days
Can you believe they each used to be in 5th grade?
And that some day Nick will be in Jr. High, then High School, then college?
Can't believe how fast time seems to go when looking back!
George Washington -- does anyone else remember who they represented?



Look at cute Lexie one the right who is getting married tomorrow!!

I got to help make the silouhettes -- look how cute this kid is!

Colonial Games while waiting for silouhettes.

I love helping at Nick's school. Everything is so organized and well-run.
No reinventing the wheel each year. Teachers save the projects, materials and instructions.
Room Parents call the volunteers and give instructions
and we just show up and do our thing. So refreshing!

After a long Colonial Day, Nick had basketball, Pack Meeting,
then went to Parkour with Chris and Marty. I was completely exhausted by the end of the day!
 Nick thought it was great!

Even though we haven't got too much snow in the valleys, the mountains do have some.
I think we're off to a better start than other years.
Chris is getting excited! Opening day at Park City on Saturday!

Just checking out the equipment.

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