Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Rest of the Week

Friends out hiking in the snow... Andrea joined us, but it's getting a bit snowy and slippery.

Thursday night we were all sitting around at home. It feels like that never happens. And then someone had the bright idea to go over to the Haven House and break windows and walls and graffiti it before the real demolition crew got started.

The boys were in heaven. It was hilarious to watch and a teeny bit nerve-wracking. Nick fired an arrow at a window but the arrow bounced off and nearly came back and hit us. Marty hucked a baseball bat at a big picture glass window and the BAT bounced off and broke in HALF!  Next, Marty chucked a brick at the window. The BRICK bounced off and left DUST on the window! It was crazy and proving to be practically indestructible!

Watching a video of their destruction.

But of course where there's a will, there's a way. Marty and his friend, Ethan, brought a sledgehammer and that made some breaks in the walls--but not without a lot of work.  We had to instruct Chris not to try to kick a window out because if his leg went through, he'd be in big trouble -- as in his leg might get severed. Fortunately Marty was there to back us up. Chris doesn't always believe what we say, but Chris trusts Marty.

We thought we'd gotten it out of the kids' systems, but really we just ignited the fire. For the next two days the older boys took their friends over and broke out windows, graffitied and basically fulfilled many dreams that generally kids don't (or shouldn't) get to do.
Big Spruce that was in front of the house on the far right is gone.
Enormous Spruce on the side yard (where the pool is going to go) gone. It was REALLY leaning.
Friday night Marty had a little performance of his own with the High School Dance Company. It was the "first date" dance and the beginning of the dance required a cute boy to walk his date to the door on stage and then give her a big kiss! We didn't want to miss that, of course. It's not every day you get to watch your teen kiss somebody! He did a super job.

Then after Dan and I met Jeremy and Cooper at Nitro Circus. It was pretty fun to watch the biking stunts. We were going to go as a family and then Marty had his "performance" on the same night and Nick got invited to a birthday party and Chris was happy to hang out with his friends (because he's 14). So we went without them. Cooper was loving it.

Saturday night Lexie got married! She looked gorgeous and it was a FUN reception! I'm so happy for her! Can't believe that little girl is all grown up! Well, I actually can. But it's fun to "remember when."

Sunday was our last Ward Conference of the year. Feels like "the season" is coming to an end with all the Primary Programs done and Ward Conferences finished. Now the planning begins for next year.

Oh yeah, did I mention that we saw Mockingjay on Wednesday? It was reeeealllly gooood. And fun to get a sneak preview courtesy of Adam Nugent! Thanks Foresight!

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