Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mother's Day in October

Wednesday was Mother's Day at Nick's school. Which meant I got to spend the morning with him in classes. We made his sign for Colonial Day. (He gets to be George Washington, so the symbol he chose was the Colonial Flag).

Back in the kick-ball days, I always played with him at recess (on Mother's Day) with some of the other parents. But now that they do wall-ball, I just watched. It's intense! Nick's really good at it. In fact, he said he usually wins.

Nick's locker
After recess his teacher let us continue working on the signs and skip something else that didn't sound as fun. Then it was time for art. The art classroom was emanating creativity. I wished I could take art there! And I don't really even like art!

They are in the middle of creating fish -- silly, crazy fish! They are so cute! She explained the process they've taken up to now -- including drawing a shape on stiff foam, carefully cutting away the foam, then sanding down the pointy edges. Last week they paper mache'd and today we worked together sanding the rough parts smooth with an emory board and small piece of sand paper. After it was smooth we painted it with primer. I can't wait to see how this fish turns out!
Look top right corner of photo at the yellow fish hanging from ceiling--that's what we're making!

Finally, we got to eat lunch together in the lunchroom. Kristin and Grant ate with us also. It was so fun to be in Nick's world for a while!

After school I ran to the dentist office to get my temporary crown. Ugh! I didn't mind the hour closing my eyes and laying down, but the sound of the drill was psyching me out! I'm good at relaxing, so I wasn't in pain and calm. But after 20 minutes of that drill I wanted to scream!

Courtney -- if you need to invent something, add a silent dental drill to your list. I imagine it will be a sell-out!

Imagine my surprise when two days later I finally was standing at the mirror brushing my teeth (instead of in the dark at night or walking around getting my clothes on or making my bed like in the morning) and I saw I have a HUGE silver molar! Yikes! When I smile big you can totally see it! Grateful it's only temporary.

As the numbing started wearing off, the feeling was annoying and unsettling. But worse was the pain after the numbing was gone. I went to bed and Marty was so kind to drive Chris to his Halloween Lacrosse Scrimmage (in costume)! Marty did some more driving and picking up for me. Thank you!!

Nick was invited to a Trunk-or-Treat so got to wear his costume for the first time! (An FBI agent.) He came home empty-handed though because he'd lost all his candy during candy poker after. He was bummed, but at least he still had real Halloween. I said he probably learned a good lesson. He said, "Yes, I learned that I always lose at Poker."

That night we all laid in my bed and watched Blackish. Because it was a Wednesday night.
Thursday I went back to bed after the kids went to school. Because that's what I do when my mouth is in pain. (I seriously think all my nerve endings are in my mouth because I don't deal well with mouth pain.)

But when I finally got up I went on a LONG walk and enjoyed fall to the fullest (being outside) -- even doing my lunges and other exercises while out walking (but while no cars were driving by so they wouldn't think I was weird). I knew I'd never go down to the basement and do them when I got home.

I ran to Target to get food to send to Courtney in England. She's having an American Football Party at Thanksgiving and needed American chips (Hint of Lime and Scoops), pretzels, Ruffles & goldfish.  Also red vines and candy corn.  And a bag of stuffing she could make on Thanksgiving. I ended up having extra room so asked what else they wanted. If you can imagine, their request was "Hershey's chocolate!!" OK. We LOVE when we get European chocolate because Hershey's is cheap, waxy and gross. And still. That's what they requested. Hilarious!

And when I got home, it was like a Friday (even though it was Thursday) because Friday was an end-of-term day off of school (That makes 3 Fridays off this month. It's CrAzy, People!) So all the Jr. High'ers were here. And stayed until late at night. Good times.

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