Monday, October 12, 2015

Columbus Day is Cornbellys and Nicholas Day

No school for Nick today so we got the house decorated for Halloween!

Pulling out our display of these photos is seriously my favorite part. 
I never get tired of these memories!

We also worked on a few scouting achievements: Plant a tree or plant. If this avocado turns into a tree, we will plant it. If not, we will say that we tried. He planted two for good measure.

Also needed to "Create an exercise plan for 30 days" -- so we went out and measured 100 yards so he could practice the 100 yard dash. Also some sit ups, bicep curls and jumping rope. And, made some healthy eating goals and started a food journal to be kept for the entire week. Finally, made two types of cookies to give to his troop tomorrow with a small object lesson for his Cyber Chip requirement. Moving towards that Arrow of Light!

And best of all, tonight was our annual trip to Thanksgiving Point for dinner and Cornbellys with the Rigby family. Kids all ran off on their own and we sat and ate treats and talked. So glad for good friends who have known us for as long as we've lived here (longer actually because Eric and I went to high school together AND he and Dan got to know each other in the MTC! Who would have thought that fast forward 15 years and our children and families would become best friends!)
Cornbellys 2015
Cornbellys a few years ago...

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Courtney said...

Aw I love all the halloween decorations! Sad I am missing them..but I'm glad you posted pictures of the costumes through the years so that I can still look at them like I always do! Also love the cornbelly's pictures! I love that the tradition continues to live on!