Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Day After

Today the workers came early.

Today the kids made eggs for breakfast.

Today I surfed for carpet and furniture on Pinterest.

Today Marty, Chris and Nick played video games together in the basement and Dan and I worked on the computers upstairs and listened to them all laughing together.

Today we all worked together picking up chestnuts in the yard, cleaning up the basement, vacuuming the house and moving trash to the dumpsters.

Today Dan fixed the holes in the floors from construction.

Today Nick and Chris practiced the piano and Marty practiced the violin.

Today Marty and I went to WalMart to buy a costume for Monster Mash.

Today Chris had friends come over.

Today Nick went to play at a friends house.

Today Marty was picked up for the dance and Dan and I took Chris to a party and Nick went to dinner with a friend and Dan and I went out to dinner and now we're going to watch a movie.

Today was a normal Saturday.

Except that today we received dozens of texts and e-mails and phone calls and treats from friends. And lots and lots and lots of love. And amongst all the normal we never forgot that today could have been so much different. Today could have held so much sorrow and heartache.

But instead Today was a normal day.


Julie said...

Oh Angela! Never boring at the Shaeffer's! So happy that Marty is okay!! Phew. The pic of his car was hard to take. I stopped breathing for a bit. AHhh....!

I hope you are feeling fine too? Much love!

Katy Ryser said...