Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Phone and a Bowl Full of Barley

Today my phone did what it's wanted to do so many other times but I'd caught it before it could. Today it jumped in the toilet. I heard the clunk and I grabbed it out fast. It worked! It worked!

I dried it off well (and then washed my hands well). I jumped in my car and it connected to my bluetooth just fine and I had a conversation with Dan--through the Bluetooth. But then I saw the battery was dying so I plugged in the charger. And it immediately went black.

Did I fry it? The display worked, but I fried the speakers. Once I took Dan off of Bluetooth in the car and used the phone independently, Dan could hear me, but I couldn't hear him. We tried playing music and I couldn't hear that either.

When I got home I put it in a bowl of barley because I didn't have any white rice and I was using the rest of the brown rice for dinner that night. P.S.... Barley has a lot of husk dust that I'm sure isn't good for phones.

An hour later it still didn't work and wouldn't charge either so I hurried and backed it up to the Cloud.

Marty thought it would still be under warranty, but I assured him warranties were for phones that stopped working for no good reason. Not for phones that went in the toilet.  Chris said I could lie. I said I don't lie.  Nick laughed that I'd dropped the phone in the toilet.

Dan called Verizon to see if it could be repaired, but they confirmed that iPhones that have been submerged and stopped working are worthless. Apple won't touch anything that's been wet.

So he took it out to the garage and got out his handy compressor and blew air into all the small little holes. Some water came out.

And guess what? It started working again!!!

It's charging right now and it plays music and the Audio works again!!! Yipeee!

Dan's totally my Juke Box Hero!


Blue said...

there is a thing inside that changes color when it gets wet, so people can't lie and say it never got wet. if everyone had your level of integrity, this kind of thing wouldn't be needed.

it can still take a few days to get BONE DRY. You might consider doing that rice bag still. at least overnight when you're not using it. i've heard of them starting for a bit and then stopping for good. ♥

Julie said...

I love this phone-in-the-toilet story. It made me laugh out loud!! I dropped mine in the tub. Same kind of situation. The guys at the apple store said I was hosed and the phone was history if it got wet. Frown. But, it works fine now.... Except it won't turn off completely. So, if I want it "off" I put it in airplane mode.